Safe Re-opening - The Manor House -The Manor House

Safe Re-opening

Bymanorhouse June 29, 2020

Prioritising the protection of our customers and staff


It is not all about July the 4th it is about establishing trust in us to look after all of you and our staff now and for the future.


Until further notice we will be operating in the following way


Inside service – Limit of two households of any sizes long as distance of 1 metre between households.


The Pavilion at the Manor House will be the “pub” element of the business. It is totally self-contained with a bar and safe toilets with 16 tables two meters apart. Drinks will be table service. Manor House takeaway food will be available. There are also 15 outside tables,


The Manor House will be food only with contactless table service.  The tables are spaced with a minimum of 1.5 meters in 60% of the Manor House and 40% at 2 meters.


In both areas the air conditioning will be turned off but the air replacement systems will both be on. All doors and windows will be open through service.


The 12 luxury bedrooms are available for any of our customers who have friends visiting them (Under the meeting of families rules) can use the rooms and eat with us if they wish. There are several offers from July 4th to December. No deposits necessary and no cancellation fees.


Outside Service – Limit of a group of 12 customers from 2 households a 1 metre apart OR more than two households up to 6 customers with a distance of 1 metre between each household group.


We have three covered areas with a maximum of 22 covered tables. With a further 40 tables with large umbrellas.


All food and drinks will be taken by one of our staff via iPad ordering. All drinks and food will be brought to your table or to a separate plastic table in the area you are seated if you prefer to get it yourself.




General Rules & Information


Following recent global events – let’s just try and be kind to one another. This is new to us all.

Please remember we are new to this and some products may run out or take a little more time than usual to get to you.


During our opening times we will have at least two teams working – it may be necessary to stop at service at peak times to swap them over – you will be told this and it will be for 10 minutes.


If you do not have a booking, we may not let you on to the site.


If you feel unwell cancel your booking – if you feel unwell when you are here, let us know if you need any assistance, but leave as soon as possible.


We have plenty of car parking but please feel free to walk or cycle to us.


All customers on site regardless of age, must email their names and addresses and time of visit to us or text us on booking or arrival. Yes- even if you are only having a glass of water.


Please pay for everything by card.


Table allocation both inside and outside has been well organised, spaced and numbered. Under no circumstances are you to move from your table to a vacant one, nor are you allowed to physically move tables around the site.


Table allocation is for a maximum of 2 hours. Please try and leave the table 5 minutes before the 2 hours is up.


Weather – if it rains & you are outside you have two choices (1) Bear with it under the brollies or (2) ask us for takeaway containers for your food and drinks. There is little or no space inside.


We know it’s hard but try and keep the noise down and avoid shouting – this virus is airborne – and we do not wish to break the trust of all our other customers and staff.


All dogs to be kept on lead


All children must be supervised and not allowed to run around the tables – there is plenty of space in the green field on the Manor Map.


If customers cannot abide by these rules, we will have to offer a caution, then a yellow and then a red card system if necessary – hopefully not – it would be very sad if we get to that stage


We want to open responsibly and for you all to enjoy seeing each other safely.


Thanks very much Phil & Kara

MON 12-9pm 12-3pm 5-8pm
TUE 12-9pm 12-3pm 5-8pm
WED 12-9pm 12-3pm 5-8pm
THU 12-9.30pm 12-3pm 5-8pm
FRI 12-9.30pm 12-3pm 5-8.30pm
SAT 12-9.30pm 12-8.30pm
SUN 12-7.30pm 12-5.30pm

We also serve breakfast 7.30-10am Monday-Friday and 8.30-11am at weekends.